Thursday, July 25, 2013

How To Choose An Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer

Aluminum alloys are commonly used for die casting parts across industries, including consumer electronics, automotive parts, computers & peripherals, healthcare, computers and mobile devices. Companies with a demanding and consistent need for aluminum die cast parts will often build their own die casting factories. However, some companies will need the expertise of a professional die casting manufacturer. Here are some tips if you are currently evaluating different die casting companies to hire to mass produce your die cast part.

Die Casting Manufacturer Strengths to Consider

Before selecting a die casting manufacturer for your aluminum part there are several variables you should consider:

·         At what point in the die casting production process are you currently? If you’re still searching for a die casting manufacturer, chances are you still need help with designing your die casting mold, or die. If you already have a prototype you might only need manufacturing and any finishing services needed.

·         What is the geographical scope for promoting your final product? If you plan on marketing your final product internationally, it can be more cost effective to find a die casting manufacturer that specializes in global engineering, or using a global network of die casting facilities to cut costs.

·         Will you need project management for your die casting part production?  Some manufacturers will request only die casting manufacturing services. Others will require full service project management from prototyping to tooling, to manufacturing.

·         Will your die cast part require secondary machining? Machining is the process by which flash and other excess material produced in the die casting process is removed.

Die Casting Manufacturer Experience to Consider

Certain aluminum die casting manufacturers specialize in industries or verticals. It is best to find a manufacturer with experience in the vertical for which you are producing your aluminum die casting.

It is also important to find a manufacturer with the advanced machinery and proprietary processes that will give you the best result with the least amount of secondary operations needed. Check to see how long your die casting candidate has been using their specific die casting process. Have they had time to perfect it?
Difficulty and complexity of the die are also a consideration in choosing an aluminum die casting manufacturer. Certain companies specialize in intricate component design. These companies will have a deep understanding of die casting design elements, such as fillet radii, ribs, corners and ejector pins.   

Value Engineering

To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment, make sure that you find a die casting company that specializes in value engineering. These companies will recommend several options to best fit your goal within your budget, verses giving you only one pricing and process as an option.